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CHEAPER PLACES FOR SNOW BIRDS We will look at the different cost of staying a whole month in winter and only a month for a family of 5 in 3 different countries : Costa Rica, Spain and Florida.
These could be considered as the bottom prices one could expect to spend by being extremely careful on their budget and choose wisely.
It also takes into consideration that any given traveler may only have a few days to prepare their next destination and needs to book things fast.

Puerto Viejo, Caribbean (cheapest by the sea almost safe area)

- Accommodation : $2000/month (half that if booked in advance, avoid the center).
- Car : No absolute need but you need at least a bike : $7/bike/day - a fortune ! Look for accommodation that offers free bikes or buy and sell.
- Activities : Worse than you imagine.
Don’t expect to do anything under $50/head.
- Food : a minimum of $70/2days will get your family eating mostly fruits so that’s about $1000 to $1500/month minimum ! I remember getting only a couple of full bags from any grocery store for $100.

TOTAL : $2500 to a more likely $4000-$4500/month.

South of Spain (Nerja)

- Accommodation : 1500€/month (but a bit of looking around can get you much better prices in winter time).
- Car : although you could rent a car if you want to move around you can do tons of things within walking distance.
Enough to get you busy and enjoy life for a whole month.
- Activities : like everything else in Spain, activities are not very expensive but you have to be careful because touristic areas like Nerja have a lot of activities at « tourists prices »; anyways there is plenty to do for free already.
- Food : 150€/week will be more than enough to eat even allowing you extras like a meal in a restaurant (you can do that and it well at Little Italy for 15€ for 5 !!!); there are lots of options to buy fresh food at low prices here and with a budget of $800/month you will cope easy peasy.

TOTAL : 1500€ if you are careful to 2500€ if you run wild.

Florida (Englewood)

- Accommodation : $2000 to a more likely $3000 and that’s if you book in advance; if you have to book last minute $1000/week is what you’ll get.
- Car : there is absolutely no way to be in Florida without renting a car; distances are important in the US and you couldn’t even walk to the nearest grocery store in most cases; this is about $1000/month for a family car if you drive a lot.
- Activities : there are lots of activities to do for free and the ones you pay (unless you’re talking about theme parks) should cut you down $15 to $20 per head tops.
- Food : You can eat for as little as $1 burgers at McDonalds but a healthier diet will cost; being extra careful (which you probably won’t in the US) will cost a family of 5 about $1000.

TOTAL : A very likely $5000 minimum but if you are lucky you can do it for about $4000 which is still a lot.

Ok, the figures speak for themselves.
I know of people who snow bird every year and have been doing that for ages.
They do it because they love it but also because it is more economical for them (plane tickets included) to live that way rather than stay home during winter.
And it gives them the freedom not to belong to any place (but it seems to get tiresome after a while and one ultimately wishes to settle somewhere and tropical destinations aren’t that easy to relocate !).

From our experience, Spain is far cheaper than Florida and Costa Rica but it surely doesn’t have the tropical climate one can wish for.
The best you will get here is to be able to wear a tee shirt for a couple of hours in the sun in the afternoon and will actually hot.
In Florida and Costa Rica, you can run naked all day if you want (you can also jump in the water as in hot bath in Costa Rica) ! Still, most of the very southern part of Spain (Andalusia) will allow you to forget scarves, heating (most houses are not equipped) and at a fraction of the cost of other destinations.

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Ricco on 2016-01-15
waow all this traveling seems to cost quite a lot I would have guess this not the case in poorer countries but you say otherwise. thanks for sharing experience

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