WEDDING by KRISS on 22 january 2016

OUR 5 WORST WEDDING STORIES As a wedding photographer you get to witness lots of unforgettable moments, either good or bad.
This time, I’m going to tell you about the 5 worst things that we either saw or happened to us during a wedding.

1 - Free room for the night

As we were covering a wedding quite far away from our dwelling place and had already driven about 8 hours for the numerous back and forth of this wedding, the bride and groom had kindly booked us a room in the big ranch they had rented out for the wedding.
At about 2am, after the cake and the first dance shoot, knackered, we decided to head to our room which we hadn’t had time to check out yet.
Only to find out the room was standing just right above the ball room where traditional cheesy folk music was playing at the loudest volume possible, well a normal wedding.
Despite the extreme exhaustion we took our car and left, drove the 3 hours back to our place and got to bed around 6am.
Oh did I forget to mention that was my birthday ?

2 - Extra unnecessary drive

At the very same wedding as ou n°1 story, things were changed on short notice and the schedule that we had to follow included a lot of driving on one of the worst weekends of highway traffic for the whole year.
We first had to drive a couple hours to shoot the bride’s preparation because she absolutely wanted to get her hairdresser at her mum’s place.
Then we drove back to where we had left earlier to attend the official wedding at the town hall.
Then we drove about 4 hours the other way to go the ranch where the wedding reception was held.
By 8pm, we still hadn’t had time to make the couple photographs, everyone was on edge and it took me to have everyone walking in high heels in the mud to join a coral uphill to lift everyone’s spirits and get some beautiful pictures.
The rest of the evening was excruciatingly long for everyone.

3 - A rather tensed bride

We were covering a particular wedding, a beautiful wedding.
Everything had been calculated and thoroughly prepared.
But the bride kept complaining and bitching everyone around.
I guess she had built up so much stress that it was her way to cope with the boiling steam inside of her.
But it surely wasn’t pretty, I thought she would start hitting her husband at some point, the poor lad received his fair share of birds names that day !

4 - Is that a cupboard ?

On another bride’s boudoir, we discussed where we would shoot that part with the bride long before the wedding and she had decided that her in laws would probably be a better place because it was bigger and the place had more character.
It surely was but she hadn’t realized all her in laws would be there, including the many brothers in law, already gulping down pints in the morning and very aroused by the idea of the boudoir thing.
Well, we had to settle for the only quiet place we had access to and this might well have been Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs ! Our Sigma 35mm f1.4 saved the day on that one, and light tricks did the rest to blank out the horrible mess that this room was.
To add some difficulty we had to shoot the bride bare, in her simplest apparel and she welcomed us with a « guys this is the wrong time of the month for me ».
We sympathized with her and her future husband.
She did really great even if it took a while for her to properly relax.

5 - Don’t worry I just have a kidney stone

This story, unfortunately for me, covered 2 weddings, 2 weeks in a row and I honestly don’t know how I managed to do my job, only I knew I couldn’t deceive my clients and I guess that gave some extra strength to my body.
I woke up screaming on a Saturday, hours before a wedding with excruciating pain in my lower back.
The pain woke me up in the middle of the night and from experience I knew exactly what it was : a kidney stone.
I immediately went to the nearest ER to get an IV and some pills.
I explained I had to cover a wedding and had no choice but to attend.
This bloody kidney stoned gave me immense pain for 16 days before it was destroyed and I covered 2 weddings in agonizing pain.

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