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OUR WANDERLUST LIFE PLAN How to tame your wanderlust was the title I gave one of our posts last year and I think the answer to this is you don’t ! For the last year we’ve been trying to figure out where to take our adventures next and we’re not short of options : Sri Lanka, Mexico, Carribean, South Africa, French Polynesia… and then how to organise it and that is where it gets a lot more complicated.

We’re 5 of us and a dog that should be explanation enough but that’s not only it ! Besides this, there are many many places we want to visit and short flights often cost as much as 10 hours ones.
Not having won the lottery yet (we definitely have to start playing though) it gets difficult to figure it all out at some point.

We tried to simplify things and checked on how Belle, our dog, could travel with us and flying is not option for her.
Neither is cruising on a large boat because there is only one that offers such services, it costs an arm and a leg only crosses the Atlantic from England to New York and you have to pre-book almost 3 years in advance.

Then Kate woke up one morning and a dream of ours that had been going on in our heads for some time became a plan : we have to get a boat and sail it she said ! And she is right.

For the first time in months, this simple statement made sense and started setting things in motion and it felt so good ! We were both kind of exhausted trying to find a global solution, define a plan when none was to be found.
Any idea we would come up with, was unrealistic or required sacrifices that were out of the question.

And now, I woke up and though to myself “but yes, it is what I want to do actually, pack my family on a boat and just sail and stop thinking about a place in particular but visit all the places until we find one that reveals itself as our home”.

And so it is our plan, realistically, with little money to start with, and a difficult and bumpy road ahead of us maybe but we finally identified what we wanted to do and it feels so great !

We want to take our yachting licenses (don’t have a clue what they are called in English) Padron de Yate and Capitan de Yate and move to the Canary Islands to start with because there will be many more marinas and boats to see and investigate.
Then we need to find her, our boat, a sailing one hull 42” and bigger.
We need to prepare her and ourselves to cross and it may take lots of time and money.
And the lesser money you have the more time it takes.
But it doesn’t matter, we know what we are looking forward to and that changes everything !

We then want to cross the Atlantic with an experienced crew, we have no death wish and if it proves too risky, we’ll cruise to the Carribean on a larger vessel and wait for our boat and dog to join us.

Then, we want to island-hop the Carribean, Florida, Texas, Mexico, Central America and North of South America.
We want to visit our friends Mario and Gigi in Costa Rica again because they have been so nice to us.

And when the hurricane season starts, we will cross the Canal in Panama to the Pacific and stay along the coast up to California and if we get comfortable enough, we’ll cross to the Galapagos.

And thousands of Nautical Miles later when we really feel like it’s time for us to do it, we want to cross the Pacific and Island Hop all the beautiful islands of the French Polynesia, and all the rest of South Pacific.

Recently I was telling someone about our plan and his first words were “sounds like an expensive plan”.

I won’t disagree but honestly think it can be compared to the cost of living for a family of 5 pretty much anywhere on the planet nowadays (to western standards).
It might even cost a lot less.

The kids agree it’s a change of life and for once we have a project everyone is excited about, even if Tom has more fears than the other because he’s bigger and wants his space.
So now, school in Spain is ending for this year and I am going to set myself about bringing all the elements of this plan into motion so that it reaches a launching phase ASAP.
I look forward to that… I breathe forward to that !

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