SAILING by KRISS on 06 november 2017

CAP BOAT BROKER REVIEW I will try to keep it as concise and accurate o my experience without involving any of my feeling and just stating the facts.
I recently went to Roses (near Girona) to view a boat that was presented to me by a broker : Cap Boat.
Here is my experience.

After a first contact over the phone with the broker as regards to an Amel Sharki boat that I was interested in, I asked a bit more about the boat and the broker confidently told me the story of the boat, the serious of the current owner and the good state of the boat.
He could not tell me where the boat stood as regards to osmosis and waited the owner to get back to him with that information.

After more communication and having confirmed me the boat was in perfect condition for sailing, to state the broker’s own words “if I had to sail her anywhere in Spain now with no further survey I would take the risk because the boat is irreproachable”.
He also of course told me that any visit would include a “dynamic trial” of the boat.
The motor had few hours and was well maintained, the owner even did a change of the diesel line this year.

Considering all this, when the owner came back with good news as regards to osmosis, I decided to find a surveyor around and organise a road trip to all meet, review, try and survey the boat.
My conviction I would buy this boat was high.

My friend Jorge set aside a couple of days and came with me.

We left last Thursday at 11pm and drove until 10.30am.
We met the broker and after a coffee where he explained the box that connected the anemometer and the depth sound had issues.
We set to see the boat.
Here is the list of what we discovered :

- all the ropes were completely dead, dried out and to be changed.
- it took us 30 minutes to get the main sail out (at moor) because everything was gripped and she hadn’t been sail for quite a while.
- when we jumped on the boat Jorge immediately checked the engine which was hot and had obviously been running earlier to warm it up.
- When we tried to start the engine it took a while to start pumping water and when it finally did, a blue smoke came out with pestilential smells.
- inside, the tapestry was ungluing from the ceiling in several places.
- the anchor chain was rusted.

The overall state of the boat was that of a semi abandoned boat which the owner didn’t deny and blamed on poor health and the death of family relatives.
I believed him and told him that but nonetheless the boat did suffer from this lack of TLC (or basic maintenance).

When we sat down to discuss I told them I was interested in the boat but obviously not at the asked price.
Both broker and owner mockingly asked me what I didn’t like about the boat and if it wasn’t out of respect for older folks in poor health condition I would have roared out of this boat.
I nearly got kicked out of the boat when I made my offer.
Just bear in mind we had just driven 12 hours to get there, spent a few hundred euros, were to drive 12 more to go back and had both lost an entire day and 2 nights.

This is the little respect we were treated with, fooled into viewing a boat when simple honesty over the phone would have saved me lots of time, effort and money, and actually wasting some of the owner’s and broker’s time as well.

This is where I don’t get it.
I’m wondering, do these guys often sell boats that way like “oh well, now that I have set myself back a few hundred euros and wasted a couple of days I may as well loose another few tens of thousands and waste some more ?

I do hope someone looking for a review of the broker will find this article and will be extra extra cautious and curious before going anywhere.
I tried for my part to find reviews of boat brokers anywhere on the net but there are none and it’s a shame.
Cosas de barcos and Yachtworld and other big sites should let buyers review their experience ! Shame on you folks, shame on you.

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