WEDDING by KRISS on 18 september 2016

WHAT ABOUT WEDDING PLANNERS I don’t know what kept me so busy last week having deserted this blog ! I must have got caught in lots of practicalities and preparing for one of the most gorgeous weddings we have ever covered.
This time though, we were shooting a video and I will have lots to say about that, including reviewing the beautiful Sirui monopod and Manfrotto fluid head.

For now I just allowed myself to grab a couple of photographs during the entire wedding just to illustrate a post and I must admit that resisting the temptation to shoot more was difficult ! More than once I found myself with just the perfect shot and left it to the official photographers who weren’t us.

Anyhow, as I was saying, this wedding was truly beautiful with one of the most emotional stories ever (the couple have known each other since they were 4 years old !), a gorgeous setting, incredibly good looking bunch of people, perfect weather… The only flaw to that picture was in my opinion a poor wedding organisation although the couple did book the services of a wedding planner.

I have never planned a wedding myself except my own and cannot even pretend to know anything about it.
But I can express my opinion and feeling nonetheless which I immediately will.

The purpose of delegating the planning of a wedding to a third party is obviously not to have to worry about anything on the day.
Also I believe that helping everyone that plays a role (musicians, photographers, videographers, flowers etc…) is crucial.

I was very very surprised when our kind bride sent me an email last month asking us what we wanted to have for dinner ? I immediately pointed out to Kate that should have been the wedding planner contacting us for this.
Also, aside from an email with the breakdown of the day we never heard from the planner.

So our job started at the bride’s and groom’s houses to shoot preparations.
We know the place quite well but it took us half an hour more than needed and we had to ask the bride’s father’s help to find the groom’s place ! Directions can be tricky in Nerja and I had lots of difficulties understanding why the planner hadn’t made it any simpler for people to find the place (I mean parents manage to put a bunch of balloons on the streets for their kid’s birthday, that shouldn’t be too difficult).

At no time did the planner helped us in any way anticipating what was happening (like the bride’s car arriving on front of the church, but I can understand since they must have lots on their plate to organise).
Also, at 2 different time I nearly ruined my footing because of the planner and that’s not acceptable ! While shooting from behind the bride and her father walking down the aisle, the planner shut the doors of the church on me and asked me to move.
I am glad I am kind tempered ! And for the first dance she literally put herself right in front of the camera and ironically apologised when I told her to move, without moving an inch and barking at me the dance hadn’t even started.
I though to myself “what an unpleasant person (maybe in other words)” but again, I am kind tempered.

All this just concerns myself and Kate and has nothing to do with poor organisation (except the bride having to ask us for dinner plans of course).
After all we are shaped to deal with difficult shooting situations especially during weddings so this is peanuts.

What is not and I kept the crunchy bits for the end is the following :

Our beautiful couple arrived at the reception a little bit earlier than their guests, both ourselves and the photographer had been on the site for about half an hour.
After a well deserved drink for them, the photographer invited them to shoot their couple’s session, which was a brilliant idea, the light being at its best, with gorgeous rays of sunshine filtering through the trees in the gardens.
I thought to myself “this lucky guy is getting the best possible light ever”.
But not at all ! No sooner had he took matter in his hands, did someone from the venue come to inform our couple there was a problem with dinner table placement.
I honestly thought that was a joke.
The bride offered to check it with him right away and there she was running to do the wedding planner’s job !

Un-freakin-believable !

About 20 minutes later, the sun was starting to set seriously and Kate and I went to the dinner’s tables to see what was happening.
Both bride and groom were sorting out issues with tables with the manager.
The planner was nowhere to be seen (she arrived half an hour later with a broad annoying smile on her face).
I allowed myself to butt in and point out that their wedding photographs were now or never for they had about another 15 minutes of “meh worthy” light.

The manager of the place didn’t seem to care much, believing his own mess was a lot more important and we had to insist and tell him no one really cared who was sort their mess, the immediate import thing to do was to shoot the bride and the groom.

This is very bad and I believe our couple to be very kind and brave people for not hitting the roof ! They were quite tensed on their photographs (I know it for a fact I have the videos of the whole session to prove it) and this is NOT ACCEPTABLE !

As I said earlier, I know nothing about planning a wedding but I believe the only exchange of words between a planner and the couple during the day should be “hello, congratulations, thank you, good bye”.
At not time, should a bride and groom having paid the services of a planner, at no time should they have to deal with any kind of trouble happening on their day !

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