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GIVE US A CALL TO PARTICIPATE With so much going on in the shop and so little happening on an artistic level right now, besides organising (after all it’s perhaps 90% of a photographers work), I felt it was high time to advertise a bit !

So we are officially looking for people for various projects, mostly underwater or involving water.
Precisely, we would be looking for pregnant models, couples but also singles with particular features and photogenic.
You have to be confident and at ease in water, love water and be willing to have fun in spite of the cold sea, swimming pools and rivers right now.

I have a few images in mind I want to create, some require many participants and will be good fun.
I won’t give all my details on a public blog for obvious reasons, but I want to try realising theatrical scenes underwater with collage techniques and also work on other liquids in water.
If you feel like this could interest you, give us a call or stop by, I’ll be happy to give you more details about what we have in mind !

I could stop the post right there, not forgetting to remind where we can be found in Nerja :

- On the phone or whatsapp : +34.631.38.34.16.
In our shop on Calle El Barrio n°8.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, I take this opportunity to give you, photographers looking for models our own set of rules and how we usually succeed in finding the right people for our projects.

Paid or unpaid ?

This is a very simple one.
Are you getting paid yourself because you have been commissioned for a job and you need a model ? If that is the case, of course you should pay your model.
The photographs you are going to take are going to benefit a third party, your client and will do you and your model little good unless you have been paid by Lavazza to shoot their next ad campaign and you are David Lachapelle.

Unpaid, why would any one do it ?

Well, in a world where nothing comes free (every magic comes with a price dearrrie !), why would anyone accept to model for your project on their own time, for free.
Well, that one is simple as well, because you will also be working on your own time for free ! This is a simple exchange, your professional images for modelling time.

But this is your project, not the model’s !

Yes and that’s why it has to be very exciting, interesting, extraordinary, motivating because you will only get models if they feel it will benefit their portfolio.
Look at it that way : Sometimes a model can pay in order to have professional photographs for their book, because that book will allow them to work.
In that case, it is far safer to pay the services of a pro who will render an impeccable work, rather than waste any time playing around on collaborative shoots.
Sometimes, a model simply wants photos and if they find a photographer who wants photos as well, they can work out a collaboration, each other’s time and competence with no exchange of money !

Sometimes a photographer wants to create particular images and if their ideas are good enough, it is likely to motivate models to participate.

It’s as simple as that.
To make things simpler : 1) Models pays their shoot : they need perfect shots to work

2) Photographer pays a model : photographer has been commissioned and is getting paid at the end

3) Models and photographers exchange their services : either they both need particular images for their portfolio and the shoot matches both needs, or one party brings along a very interesting project that will once again benefit everyone (this can extend to MUA, hair stylists etc…)

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