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HOUSE HUNTING WORLDWIDE Well, believe it or not, if you start looking for either of the following topics on google :

- nomadic life.
- digital nomads.
- relocating.

or any other related search, you will find a pledge of articles, posts and blogs that will give you 1000 solutions to find cheap accommodation or even travel for free and find free roof over your head.
This might be true when you’re single and in your twenties but it so happens that full grown ups in their forties and with kids aspire to spend some time traveling in for them, the story is completely different.

I am going to show you what options really exist for anyone traveling with a (large) family on a budget.
Since we are 5 of us, we require a minimum of 3 bedrooms, Tom is now twelve, soon a teenager and sharing a room with his younger sisters is out of the question.

- Airbnb.
- local adverts.
- rental agencies.

Yes in reality, especially if you have to look for your future rental from outside the country you are going next, your options will mostly fall into the first 2 categories, Airbnb and booking.
I haven’t mentioned VRBO and homestay because so far they haven’t proved of a great help for us.
VRBO is not user friendly and narrowing down a search is a hassle, they are polluted by vacation home agencies at hotel prices which defeats the purpose of the website.
Homestay is a website where too good to be true is too good to be true and you seldom get any answer from the hosts.

OK, so Airbnb and booking it is.
The one thing we have learned is that even though Airbnb has become very popular, they still run short of options compared to the many places I have no doubt are to be found.
They often promote houses that people run for business and prices are not that cheap.
Anywhere on the planet I guess one could expect a minimum of twice the normal renting price for a whole month stay (most owners discount hugely for 30days stays) and price as high or higher than hotels for a shorter stay.
If you intend to stay in a place for only a week to check out an area I suggest you compare airbnb and booking prices.
Right now, short of options we are staying in a hostal we found on because it was pretty much the same as booking a week on airbnb and the airbnbs available in Nerja were very very few.

Both systems offer you the possibility to check unbiased reviews which is reassuring but not necessarily objective.
I am going to be crude and down to earth but people might be inclined to give a hotel a very good review because they only stayed there a couple of nights, enjoyed the place as a whole and not just the hotel and even got laid in the room ! Wow, that really deserves a 9/10 ! Always look for a maximum reviews and how long the folks stayed, or jump right in and be surprised.

When you are abroad, with a slow or limited internet connection, which was the case for us in Costa Rica, you cannot afford to waste any band on pointless searches and booking and airbnb might well be the only 2 options you have to choose from at the end.

Once in Florida, we did have broadband, unlimited and free so we spent hours and days searching for a place to stay in January and ended up finding nothing within our budget.
Local adverts didn’t help us much and neither did rental agencies.
Finding rentals that range between short and long term (1 month and more) always fall into holiday category in sought after places, and with billion of humans on the planet, all warm and mild places during winter are very much sought after !

Right now in Nerja, we are looking for longer term accommodation (which is 6 months and more) and still, finding anything with more than 2 rooms proves very difficult.
Don’t trust the many outdated websites that will list scores of beautiful houses at reasonable prices because they simply aren’t there.
They either are already rented or they are false pretends to lure you to more expensive holiday rentals.
Also, most of the agencies that clearly display « long term rentals » on their windows actually don’t have any to offer.

So I guess this is now for us time to adapt to some more backpack life within Nerja.
Fortunately, angels seem to be looking out for us and help from acquaintances comes from all sides ! Now again this is a thank you for a wonderful life.

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