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5 FUNCTIONS OUR DSLRS MISS Who hasn’t dreamt that their camera could accomplish more than they already do ? I understand they already make quite an amazing job and this digital era has shifted things forward in lots of areas including photography.
But still there are a few things I wish my cameras did and this is a non exhaustive list of what I would love manufacturers to implement in professional cameras soon.

1 - Direct wireless connectivity to Lightroom

Have you ever felt like « oh no I have to get the card out once again and put it in the reader’s slot and plug the reader and find it first and then copy paste blablabla »? I do, almost every time I have to import the contents of my cameras into my computer, this is a hassle.
I shouldn’t complain, this is not that complicated but what would be even better is a wireless connectivity allowing me to read the contents of my cameras with no effort at all.
I know I can buy Wifi modules to connect to my cameras but this is another cost and hassle.
Equipments such as the Nikon D4s with a price tag so high should have such functions I think.

2 - Bokeh intensity indicator in the viewfinder

Have you ever noticed how the amount of bokeh you see in the viewfinder changes dramatically from the amount of bokeh you actually get in the real picture ? I wish there was an indicator of that amount of bokeh, such as a bar ranging from green to red telling me if I am making a creamy picture or a sharper one.
Don’t get me wrong I use my cameras and my lenses everyday and I know them very well.
Still I cannot really predict how much bokeh I am going to get depending on my distance to the subject, my aperture, my lens and often at unusual apertures I shoot a couple apertures just to make sure and that annoys me.

3 - Text comment addition to photo via voice command.

This would be an interesting feature, being able to press a button when reviewing a picture and record a comment to link with the photo.
This could either change the name of the photo or be stored with all the EXIF data, the important thing being to retrieve the piece of info easily in Lightroom.
If you have ever taken photographs of individuals in large groups of people without knowing anyone of them, you will immediately understand the great usefulness such a feature would have.

4 - Basic automatic proprietary jpeg settings for raws in Lightroom.

How good do photos look when you review them directly on the camera ? Great don’t they ? And when you import your raws in Lightroom they suck.
Of course you have all the tools to correct that but sometimes I wish the equivalent settings that would get me the same picture as the one on the back of my camera, came along automatically.

5 - An under exposure and over exposure alert

If you often switch from auto ISO to manual ISO, it means that your manual ISO is often locked on ISO100 and if you then forget to switch back to auto ISO, at some point you are going to shoot confidently in low light conditions with everything set up right except your ISO ! And you’ll get black pictures.
Likewise, back in your studio if you light system is not TTL but manual and you forget to switch back to manual ISO, you’ll end up with a few extra bright pictures taht just mess up with your sensor.
A simple «extra » under and over exposure alert in the view finder would be very welcome to remember to switch back the ISO.

This is a non exhaustive list as are all lists I guess but for now it covers everything I thought of ! You’re welcome to add your mega function to my list of course !

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