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HOW TO TRAVEL LIGHT AS A FAMILY How to travel light as a family I read many blogs by single male or female travelers in their late twenties or thirties, at best couples who write on the subject but very seldom do I come across articles on how people manage to travel light with 3 children.

So this is my topic today.
How are we going to figure out travelling for 3 months in Central America as a family of 5 with only 5 backpacks more or less.

I will cover how we managed our things in our basecamp in Nerja, I can’t really call it a home, we’ve only been here for a few months, although it feels like home but our purpose being to make everywhere feel like home, I will call Nerja, Spain, our basecamp.

So in 3 weeks more or less, we are off to Costa Rica and we want to have all our bags as cabin hand luggage, which means 5 middle sized bags each and an extra purse or something depending on the mood and goodwill of the flight attendants on the ground.

Our children range from age 6 to 12 which means that they go to school and that we will keep it that way for the time being, home schooling them but according to part of the programs they have in Spain so that they can communicate with their teachers, friends and don’t get the feeling that they’re completely off the hook.

In order to achieve this amazing light family packing, the first thing to consider is that we are going to a tropical country and we have no need for heavy warm clothes.
This helps tremendously.
With no more suspense this is what the contents of our bags will be like :

-All wearing a set of clothes for the flight, the only long sleeves and trousers we take each and closed trainers (we would love to fly in shorts and flip flops but air con is cold and this is not a good option).
- 2 shorts.
3 underwear.
3 tee-shirts.
1 pair of flip flops.
1 pair of sunglasses.
1 set of notebook, pen each.
The rest of the books are digitalized on a flash disk.
Toiletries, the very minimum, toothbrush, tooth paste, a razor, a soap, a cream.

All the rest of our needs will be dispatched between the backpacks, which is all photo and digital equipment, pharmacy (standard medicines and essential oils, I will post more about our pharmacy pack in other post) and that’s about it !

Which leaves us with plenty to store away back at our basecamp.
Yes it does.
I think that after having narrowed it down to the bare minimum, we could honestly do a lot more but there would be no point now, we have about 3 meters cube of boxes full of mostly memories, books, kitchen equipment, boxes (Kate collects and I think a good half of the stash are boxes into boxes), and that’s about it.

And what about all the rest ? Well, we took a good look at it and actually honestly answered the set of questions - Have I used it in the last few months, am I going to use it, will someone else be more likely to use it than me ?- and whenever it was unclear if we were really going to need any of it, we either sold it or gave it away.

We digitalized some of the past paper you keep stashing all your life and finally got rid of the 10 years old electricity bills from 3 countries behind.
We actually rummaged through all our boxes this time, you know the ones you just keep boxing in another box that you tell yourself you’ll have a proper look at next time.

And I can honestly say it feels good.
Getting rid of everything you absolutely don’t need and knowing someone might get such a treat because they will put it at use is good !

So as a reflexion on another level, it is about letting go of what you think ties you to a place, an event, a memory, anything and prevents you from moving forward.
Well getting your family to travel around the world as nomads and not bums, on a budget, does that : it forces you to prioritize everything, put everything into perspective and be light as a feather !Le texte



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