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EMBRACING IN A BEACH LIFE I believe we are still young to have traveled and seen every place there is to see on this planet and actually perhaps this is not something achievable or even desirable.
So I will try to simply split my list in 2 categories :

- the beach destinations where we have been or lived.
- the beach destinations we wish to go and experience.

And of course a bit of explanation about these places !

The beach places we know.

#Porquerolles Mediterranean

- Pros : Turquoise waters, fewer people than other mediterranean destinations, few cars, wild, clean.
- Cons : It’s at a high latitude and barely offers a beach life during summer months from June to September, with probability of rain or chilling winds even in the middle of July, It’s expensive as hell and it’s in France.

#La Digue Seychelles

- Pros : One of the most idyllic setting on the planet, stunning beauty is all around, it’s very safe compared to other Seychelles Islands, the locals are friendly (they live on tourism and have no reasons not to be friendly to tourists), few cars, very unique feel, the temperature is ideal all year through, it’s in the southern hemisphere.
- Cons : It may rain for days, it’s expensive, it’s a small island with not much to do even in terms of water sports or activity (either not enough water behind the corral barrier or too dangerous currents where there is no barrier).

#Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

- Pros : The jungle, the omnipresent nature and wildlife, the comfortable temperatures and warm waters.
- Cons : The expensive cost of life, rainforest baby it may rain for days or weeks, doesn’t feel too safe.

#Sarasota Florida

- Pros : Beautiful large sandy beaches with a unique relaxed feel, ideal temperature all year through, friendly population, more wildlife than you would imagine.
- Cons : You need a car to go take a piss this is USA, floods, hurricanes and tropical storms, a little too retirement home oriented.

#Nerja Spain

- Pros : Beautiful setting in a slow paced very lively beach town, low prices, friendly locals, very multicultural, plenty of beach activities to do.
- Cons : It’s still in Europe and it’s missing another few hundred miles south to really have a nice warm tropical climate, it’s a bit retirees oriented, it’s not a big enough change of scenery if you’re southern European.

#Cannes Cote d’Azur

- Pros : For the fame, it’s clean, the Croisette walkway is pleasant.
- Cons : It’s in France, it’s horribly expensive, it’s very very aging and very very tits and face surgery oriented, the beach is only enjoyable a few months a year and fully packed during these months.

#Essaouira Morocco

- Pros : One very famous renowned surf spot with a surf scene, cheap and affordable.
- Cons : has more a harbour feeling than a beach life feeling, this is either you feel good or your don’t in this place, I don’t.

#Montigo Bay Jamaica

- Pros : Carribean white sand and turquoise water, reggae on the beach.
- Cons : Armed guards with automatic rifles on the beach, need I say more ?

The beach places we want to discover.

#Hawaii Islands

- Why : for the marine life, for the volcanoes, for the surf, for the photography, for the weather, because it’s far away from the old continent, because of LOST, because it’s a kids dream.
- Why NOT : because it’s expensive.


- Why : for the culture, for the dia de los muertos, for the surf, for the weather, for the prices, for the hispanis slow paced influence.
- Why NOT : because of the gangs, because of the terrible news we’re fed, because of fear.


- Why : because it’s big, because of the great corral reef, for the surf, because I speak the language, because it’s a kid’s dream, because it was my gran’s dream.
- Why NOT : because I’ve been watching “border controls” too much and the customs in Australia seem to be a greater pain in the ass than anywhere else on the planet, because any animal that kills or inflicts excruciating pain seems to dwell in Australia, because the accent is going to be difficult to get used to !


- Why : because it seems to be one of the most beautiful place on the planet.
Why NOT : because it seems to be damned and hit by numerous storms, earthquakes, whatever, every couple of months, because of child prostitution and the crowds it attracts.


- Why : Why not ? No seriously, because it’s close to Nevada and Arizona and for the porn valley (I’m joking for the last one).
Why NOT : because it’s very close to what we already know in terms of scenery (Andalusia and California and very similar), because it’s expensive, because all Americans we meet tell us it sucks.

#Marshall islands

- Why : Because it’s so very remote and so very coconut tree, turquoise waters and nothing else.
- Why NOT : Because it’s so very remote and so very coconut tree, turquoise waters and nothing else.

#South Africa

- Why : Because everyone we met who visited were enchanted, because of the wildlife.
- Why NOT : Because everyone we met who lived there told us it was rough, because I read “Cry the beloved country”, because of white sharks.

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